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Technology & Implementation Consulting Services

Get paired with our highly specialized security experts to help transform your security capabilities.

Consulting Professional Services

Many organizations are resource depleted and unable to keep up with everything that goes into fighting cybercrime, from assessing risk and implementing technologies to preventing, detecting and responding to threats. Trustwave consulting services matches you with experienced professionals who deliver hands-on expertise and map out your success plan, allowing your team to concentrate on core business objectives.

Synopsis Consulting Professional Services



Synopsis consulting professional services for Infrastructure security are:

  • L3 Network protection

  • DDOS protection

  • IP Connectivity

  • Network Firewall

  • Traffic Acceleration

Threat Detection and Response Consulting

The Synopsis Threat Detection and Response Consulting (TDR Consulting) team works with clients to solve security challenges through advisory, transformation, and operations enablement. The team has a technology and source agnostic approach to help clients optimize the security technologies they have and create new capabilities as needed.

Synopsis is an Authorised Service Delivery Partner (ASDP)

of Cloudflare

We are thrilled to announce that Synopsis has achieved the prestigious milestone of becoming a Cloudflare Authorized Service Delivery Partner. This esteemed partnership reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional cloud-based solutions and underscores our dedication to providing clients with best-in-class services. As a Cloudflare Authorized Service Delivery Partner, Synopsis gains access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and support from one of the industry's leading cloud services providers. This partnership empowers us to enhance our offerings, expand our capabilities, and better serve our clients' evolving needs. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and look forward to leveraging Cloudflare's cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.


Insights & Analytics

  • Application Security & Traffic Monitoring

  • Application Security Management

  • Policy Consultations & Assessment

  • Escalation & Incident Management

Cybersecurity & Risk

Identifying and prioritizing cyber risks allow organizations to use the facts to support internal alignment and acquire necessary funding to enable change. Synopsis Cybersecurity and Risk services help you achieve this with the help of consultants who operate alongside your internal team as trusted advisors.

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